Take Action

As of April 19, there were 31,424 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 2,391 deaths in Michigan.  We are in an emergency.  Yet, some powerful members of the Legislature are pushing to end the stay-home order, end the State of Emergency, and limit the Executive Orders that have kept so many of us safe.

Over the next 8 days we as Michiganders are taking action on the issues that matter to us.  We’re asking our Legislature to extend the State of Emergency, the stay-home order, and provide relief and safety for all of us, no exceptions.  Join us by emailing or tweeting your Legislator and sharing your story today!

Read our letter to public officials.

About Us


We are community-based organizations across the state of Michigan.  We come from big cities and small towns.  Our members are Black, Brown, Indigenous, and White. We represent many of the most marginalized among us, including people with disabilities and compromised immune systems.  We are committed to seeing our communities through the global pandemic of COVID-19, which we know will be difficult and scary. Together, we are reorienting our collective resources for the care and survival of our most vulnerable residents, seniors, and working people and families, as we weather this storm. 

When our priorities are upside down, putting the interests of the most privileged ahead of the rest of us, we end up as we are now, in a situation where millions of workers can’t self-quarantine because they can’t miss a paycheck. Millions of kids depend on schools staying open so they can get two decent meals. Millions of immigrants (documented and undocumented) are too afraid to get treated for illnesses because they fear being caught up on in our hostile, punitive immigration system. Millions more can’t get treated for illnesses because they have no health insurance. Millions of incarcerated people are at high risk without the ability to self-quarantine, and already face inadequate access to proper health care.

There will be those who will try to seize such a crisis to further entrench their own interests and divide us against each other based on where we come from, what we have, or our perceived health and worthiness. They will try to harness panic to crack down on borders, scapegoat Asian Americans, grant huge tax breaks to corporations rather than investing in public health, and limit our rights to vote and dissent. They want us to operate from a place of fear and that will not keep us healthy. 

But, our fates are tied. This virus is revealing to us the inter-connectedness of our world in a very personal way. It is showing, conclusively, that the health and well being of one is intimately bound to the health and well being of all.  Only by working together will we defeat this outbreak.


  1. Airlift
  2. Allied Media Projects
  3. American Citizens for Justice
  4. APIA Vote-MI
  5. Arms of Hope Inc
  6. Assemble Sound
  7. Avalon Housing
  8. A.W.E. Society
  9. Beebe Arts LLC
  10. Black Bottom Archives
  11. Black Lives Matter Michigan/Liberation PAC
  12. Black the Vote
  13. Brick and Mortar Collective
  14. Center for Change: A Northern Michigan Advocacy Group
  15. Center for Community-Based Enterprise, Inc.
  16. Clean Water Action
  17. Collective Against White Supremacy
  18. Congress of Communities
  19. Consulting by Anée
  20. Courage Church
  21. Cross Movement Social Justice Consulting
  22. Day House Catholic Worker
  23. Detroit Action
  24. Detroit Community Wealth Fund
  25. Detroit Disability Power
  26. Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation
  27. Detroit Jews for Justice
  28. Detroit Justice Center
  29. Detroit People's Platform
  30. Developing K.I.D.S.
  31. East Michigan Environmental Action Council
  32. Eastside Community Network
  33. Ecology Center
  34. EcoWorks
  35. Educate Youth
  36. ENGAGE: Detroit, University of Michigan School of Social Work 
  37. Flint Rising
  38. FLOW (For Love of Water)
  39. 482Forward
  40. Fresh Start Clubhouse
  41. Greater Detroit Agency f/t Blind & Visually Impaired
  42. Growing Hope
  43. Huron Valley Democratic Socialists of America
  44. Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice
  45. ISAAC - Interfaith Strategy for Advocacy and Action in the Community
  46. Metro Detroit Democratic Socialists of America
  47. Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength (MOSES)
  48. Michigan Climate Action Network
  49. Michigan Deaf Association
  50. Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice (MECAWI)
  51. Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition
  52. Michigan Faith in Action
  53. Michigan Immigrant Rights Center
  54. Michigan Interfaith Power and Light
  55. Michigan Liberation
  56. Michigan One Fair Wage
  57. Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH)
  58. Michigan Student Power Network
  59. Michigan United
  60. Michigan Voices
  61. Midtown Composting
  62. MI Ed Justice
  63. MI Prisoner Rehabilitation A Coalition 
  64. MIStudentsDream
  65. Mothering Justice
  66. Motor City Freedom Riders
  67. Moratorium NOW!
  68. National Association of Social Workers, Michigan Chapter
  69. Neutral Zone
  70. No More Detention Centers in Michigan
  71. Northwest Unitarian Universalist Congregations
  72. Oakland Forward
  73. One Love Global
  74. Pierce Advocacy & Consulting
  75. Planned Parenthood of Michigan
  76. Poor Peoples Campaign of Washtenaw County
  77. Port Huron Food Not Bombs
  78. Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan
  79. Rising Voices of Asian American Families
  80. SEIU Healthcare Michigan
  81. Sierra Club Michigan Chapter
  82. Sisters United CCR LLC
  83. Society for Student Resistance
  84. Soulardarity
  85. Southeast Michigan Jobs with Justice
  86. State Michigan APRI
  87. Student Advocacy Center of MI
  88. Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice
  89. Sunrise Michigan
  90. Sunrise Movement Detroit
  91. Sunrise Movement Oakland County
  92. The Ezekiel Project
  93. The WE Project
  94. Totago LLC
  95. United Way of Washtenaw County
  96. University of Michigan Detroit Center 
  97. Urban Core Collective
  98. Warriors on Wheels of Metropolitan Detroit
  99. Washtenaw Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights
  100. WeROC (Washtenaw Regional Organizing Coalition)
  101. We the People of Detroit
  102. We the People - Michigan
  103. We Want Green Too
  104. Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, Detroit Branch
  105. YDSA at Eastern Michigan University
  106. Yemeni American PAC Public Affairs Council - Hamtramck & Detroit


  • Amy J. Schulz
  • Arthur Bledsoe
  • Brigit Macomber
  • Cindy Gamboa
  • Charles King - Chair, Social Justice Committee, 1st UU Church of Detroit 
  • Debbie Rosenman, Fair Tax MI organizer
  • Ellen Rutt, Artist
  • Fatema Haque
  • Gabriela Santiago-Romero
  • Katharine Adams, Environmental Education Director
  • Kathryn Savoie - Detroit Community Health Director, Ecology Center
  • Kyle Lim
  • Melissa Cooper Sargent, Environmental Health Advocate
  • Nandi Comer
  • Shaffwan Ahmed, Community Organizer
  • Valeriya Epshteyn 
  • Katherine Maurer
  • Joyce Grimm, Nurse
  • Marian sue steggerda
  • Marie Walker
  • Justin Onwenu, Environmental Justice Organizer
  • Loren Dobkin, NP, RN
  • Colleen Ludwig - Associate Professor, Oakland University
  • Ann Vitous
  • Didi Adi
  • Vincent M. Martin, Environmental Justice Consultant 
  • jennifer fassbender
  • Eliza Webb
  • Carly Hammond, Candidate for State Rep MI 95
  • Anthony Dellicolli
  • Chris Fike, Social Worker/Educator
  • Mike Shane, Moratorium NOW Coalition
  • Jay Cutler
  • Sandra Turner-Handy - Engagement Director, Michigan Environmental Council
  • Jaime Junior, Subject Matter Activist/Disability Justice Activist
  • Stuart Fielder, Community Services Direct Worker
  • Florence J. Alexander, Community Organizer
  • Dominique cooper, Check and Connect Mentor
  • Danielle Flint, Education Advocate, Nonprofit Leader, LMSW
  • Julie karasin 
  • Isabel Max
  • Mehruba Akhtar, Community Organizer
  • Adam Phillips
  • Amanda Robert 
  • Rachel Cain-Kellman
  • Sarah Dunnings-Smith, MSW Intern at Student Advocacy Center
  • Jen Haines, educator
  • Algeria Wilson
  • Lois McCullen Parr, Reverend
  • Joél Reyes-Klann, MSW
  • Alison Chan
  • Zoe Russick Steinfield, LMSW, CAADC
  • Anne Fortino
  • Cheryl Overley 
  • Krystal Davis
  • Rebecca Barks
  • Bridget Huff, Chair of the Progressive Caucus of the MI Democratic Party
  • Allison Zimpfer-Hoerr, LMSW
  • Natasha Abner
  • Catalina Rios 
  • Wendy Flora
  • Jennifer Erb-Downward - Senior Research Analyst, Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan
  • Alex Barton 
  • Christopher Lemon
  • Charlene Mangi, school psychologist
  • Kelly Eubank 
  • Tracy Hayes
  • Yodit Mesfin Johnson
  • Laurie Wellman, educator, peacekeeper
  • Cathleen Haglund, teacher
  • Matt Hamilton